Altera Polymers, LLC produces both color and additive masterbatches.


Color concentrates are developed on a custom basis and are formulated to match customer-defined color standards.  Color masterbatches are offered for a variety of resins including TPE’s, Polyolefin, Acrylic, and Styrenics, to name a few.  These masterbatches can also be formulated to include multiple components such as stabilizer packages.


Additive masterbatches include UV, AO, Slip, and FR and are also formulated for use in specified let-down resins.


Throughout the development process, Altera works with our customers in identifying the most suitable carrier resins and additives to be used.  In many cases, our masterbatches are collaboratively developed together with our customers resulting in proprietary products that are engineered exclusively for an individual application.


ProPurge Purging Compound


Metal Deactivator Masterbatch