Altera Polymers, LLC custom manufactures thermoplastic materials that provide the necessary physical properties related to unique applications and markets.  In fact, our products are developed to meet the most stringent quality standards dictated by the world’s leading OEM’s.   Whether the materials are produced for Extrusion or Injection Molding processes, they can be found performing in all markets including:



AUTOMOTIVE  – Interior and Exterior parts manufactured by OEM’s, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.


CONSUMER – Packaging films and parts, Sporting goods, Tools, Footwear.


ELECTRICAL & APPLIANCE – Telecommunications and Network connections, Miscellaneous Computer parts and accessories, Appliance seals, tubing, and fittings.


HEALTHCARE & SAFETY – Non-invasive surgical tools, particularly grips, overmolds, and tray linings, Parts for hospital monitors and devices.


TRANSPORTATION & CONSTRUCTION – Parts for Recreational and Sport Utility Vehicles, Agricultural sheet and film, Flexible roofing and foundation liners for residential     and commercial property, Expansion joints.