Altera Polymers, LLC manufactures specialty thermoplastic materials formulated to precisely meet the physical property and appearance specifications defined by our customers.  Throughout every phase of the development process, Altera’s mission is to exceed the quality and cost expectations held by our customers and throughout the global market.


We are able to do this through a diverse manufacturing footprint and a firm technical skill-set.  Across our two manufacturing sites, located in Easley, SC and Jefferson, OH, we are able to process 55 lb. custom orders as economically as we can produce bulk load quantities.  These economies of scale offer our customers the ability to rely on Altera as a “one-stop” supplier for all their material needs.


Our current production capabilities are defined by single screw, continuous mixing, and twin screw technologies.  Altera’s lines offer varying feeding systems including down-stream and liquid, and our finished products can be supplied as strand-cut or under water cut pellets.


Altera’s technical capabilities include the ability to measure and analyze among other attributes:

  •  Hardness (Shore A, Shore D)
  •  Color
  •  Tensile
  •  Flammability
  •  FTIR
  •  Melt Flow


Altera continues to invest in new laboratory equipment in order to meet the evolving market demands specified by our customers.